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Alumni & Development

The committee provides counsel to the pastor, Finance committee and the Parish Council on issues regarding collections, planned giving and other parish-wide fundraising activities and encourages stewardship as “a way of life” for parishioners.

Some areas of focus of the committee are: Provides technical assistance to parish staff regarding collections and undertaking and implementing planned giving programs and parish-wide fundraising initiatives; develops strategic goals and objectives for fundraising initiatives; provides advice on the development of communications material for parish fundraising activities; provides advice on the development of appropriate reports for the Finance committee and the Parish Council; and develops an understanding of the spirituality of stewardship and its practical implications for the parish.

Alumni: The Alumni committee strives to develop and enhance the involvement of the school’s alumni and future alumni in supporting the mission and goals of the school. We will nurture relationships with current and future alumni and engage them, promote and enhance effective communications between the school and its alumni, and encourage financial support of the school.

St. Bernard Catholic Parish Office of Alumni and Development

3601 North 65th Street
Omaha NE 68104

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